flies draw sugar from

lion's mane mushroom growing on
some of the last corn gluten feed in the world,
found on I-55,
one soybean,
gifted corn,
wet with tongue: flower seeds
circled in a magazine.
cub scout growth chart,
drawings of a foundation repair,
shirt button,
water from a drinking fountain that flows forever,
ordinary strain,
a friend's shirt,
two given glass jars,
heating pad,
pillow stuffing

flies draw sugar from involves mycelium in a museum space that needed extra support to grow. This is a mushroom who draws and erases. This mushroom is known by the names lion's mane, mountain-priest, and bearded tooth. Anxiety and sadness are lessened with the mushroom's help.

This mushroom entered life in a museum, where the light is strong and the air is cold. The mycelium of this healing mushroom is growing in a safe place. Gallery attendants and a friend's clothing gave the mushroom warmth and darkness. As the mycelium reaches out her tongues, charms inside the safe place become nourishment. The first mushroom to grow here died.